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11 Jun 2015
Pass the crystal ball.
When my wife’s grandfather decided to retire, he decided to spend some of his savings to stock his not so unsubstantial farmhouse cellar with what he calculated to be enough wine to see him through to quite literally, his wake.
09 Jun 2015
Why do we need to build more houses?
A recent survey suggested that office building in central London has jumped by 24 per cent in just six months.
08 Jun 2015
One good reason to borrow when I’m old.
These days we live in a world of acronyms, of OMGs (Oh My God), SMSs (Short Message Service) and HKW’s (all right I made that last one up – Heaven Knows What).
05 Jun 2015
Why do Baby-boomers get the blame? Never mind and top up your state pension.
Baby-boomers, I dunno. Tsk. And you naughty pensioners – you’re not much better.
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03 Jun 2015
Banking turned on its head?
How many times have we heard that?
02 Jun 2015
I don’t want to downsize: what are my options?
You don’t have to downsize the home you’ve lived in your whole adult life to free up cash to provide an income in retirement or help children gather a deposit to buy their first home.
27 May 2015
So this is what they mean by retirement.
19 May 2015
Mortgages for the retired (but not redundant yet)
Getting a mortgage after the age of 65 is becoming harder after mortgage rules brought in last year (2014) – but mortgage brokers can help retired borrowers find a common sense solution.
15 May 2015
What a shower!
Why is it that once we pass a certain age we are somehow seen as unable to make sensible, informed financial decisions?
01 May 2015
State intervention, market forces and localism
Perhaps if one of the major political parties wins a majority next week we might get the political and legislative will to address the housing crisis.
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