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A flutter is one thing a windfall another

The Grand National will see wagers worth tens of millions of pounds. It’s all good fun, but perhaps you should think about a safer bet with a Windfall Bond, says The Family Building Society.

This weekend Grand National will likely see in excess of £150m (The Guardian 2013) bet on 40 horses thundering round a 4.75 mile course and over 30 daunting fences.

Millions of amateur punters will think nothing of staking a tenner on this most famous, and longest, horse race in the calendar – even if they know nothing about horses or racing.

For obvious reasons then, it’s a day over which bookmakers lick their lips as they anticipate.

A quick peruse of the last ten races show winning odds of between 7/1 and 100/1 for the champion, with a 66/1 and a couple of 25/1s in the mix.

This represents an experienced punters’ nightmare. And anyway though you might win, if you don’t you lose your stake.
Of course it is all good -natured fun for the family.

But we at The Family Building Society would like to point out there is a much more certain “bet”, indeed it’s not a bet at all really as we give you your stake back + interest even if you do not win!

Our unique Windfall Bond (a variable rate notice account) based on a principle of generating some income  plus the chance of win after a month by way of monthly prize draw.

It works a bit like a Premium Bond but with one extremely important difference – you are a great deal more likely to win.
The yield (the total effective pay out) on Premium Bonds is calculated using a quite complicated formula but the result usually comes out at slightly less than the prevailing average decent deposit accounts rate.

Currently, it is 1.35 per cent. This yield is calculated mathematically when winning prizes in the monthly random number draw are theoretically reinvested in the individual’s bond holding thus increasing in the cash value of the holding up to the £50,000 maximum.

But there are so many bonds in the system, around £60 billion collectively in each monthly draw, that the odds of winning even a £25 minimum prize are miniscule – 26,000:1. The odds will narrow further (to 30,000:1) in June when the yield is reduced to 1.25%, according to the Daily Mail’s Money Mail column of 30th March 2016.

The Windfall Bond is based on the same principles of generating growth after a qualifying period by way of monthly prize draw, but with much better odds of winning of 64/1 in the course of the first 12 draws.  And it pays you the Bank of England base rate by way of interest in any event. Premium Bonds of course pay nothing.

And unlike Premium Bonds which have a maximum investment of £50,000, one can take out as many Windfall Bonds as you can afford.  The breakdown of the draw ensures there are 13 opportunities to win each month – which equates to 156 in each calendar year.

Each bond is £10,000, which may sound a lot but then again, perhaps you should ask Mr C of Milton Keynes how he feels to be the first Family Building Society £50,000 winner.

That’s a 64/1 shot you can rely on.
For more on the Family Building Society’s Windfall Bond on the website here: or by talking to one of our highly trained and friendly advisers on 03300 379139.

Steve McDowell

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