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23 Oct 2019
Choked off Stamp Duty giving government a headache
It seems the UK government might have another little headache on its hands. And this is one which might benefit us all as pressure continues to build on the power-that-be to reform the moribund Stamp Duty regime.
Tags: Mortgage
17 Oct 2019
Anxious empty-nesters have nothing to fear
In our enlightened age where we are more sensitive about conditions which were previously cured with a swift ‘pull your socks up’ – a new syndrome has been identified. It is called Empty Nest Syndrome.
14 Oct 2019
Lending to your children – how to do it right.
The Earth is spherical, concrete is hard and there’s no rhyme for orange. And in further unsurprising news, the Bank of Mum and Dad is now a top ten lender in the UK, dishing out £6.3bn in the last year to help get their children on the housing ladder.
08 Oct 2019
Money matters, so talk and be open about it.
In this digital era where dialogue tends to be undertaken in silence with two thumbs and a mobile phone, one wonders if the true art of conversation – like rhetoric – is being forgotten.
02 Oct 2019
How to avoid your BoMaD dream becoming a nightmare
Cue sound of stomping upstairs. Cue stomping. Loud teenage female voice: “If you hate me so much why did you bother having me!” Slam of door vibrates through house. “You’re still not borrowing the car!” Roll forward 15 years. “But Dad! I thought it was a gift! The money for the house, I mean (tears). You never said it was a loan and now you want it back with interest!” Ooops. The joys of parenthood huh?
25 Sep 2019
Time to sit for your BoMaD exams
Even if you didn’t have the extreme misfortune to have booked a late summer holiday with Thomas Cook, you will no doubt still be wincing slightly at the forgotten credit card bills from foreign restaurants, cafes and adventures.
16 Aug 2019
Gout and about
I have discovered, or rather been painfully reminded, this week there can be consequences for having too much fun. Namely, gout. Serves you right, I hear you say. But it is, painfully dull.
16 Aug 2019
Happy birthday to us – with the emphasis on happy
It used to be said by insurance salesmen of the old school, that the way to sell life assurance was to ‘scare ‘em to death’. So if the salesman was talking to a couple, he’d start talking to the woman. Often the man would interject fairly quickly. The salesman would say to the woman, “No, imagine that he’s dead”. The man would often just keep going. At this point the salesman would get out a small coffin and say, “No, you’re in there!”
01 May 2019
Age is merely a number – just like a mortgage
It’s a frustration for those in or near retirement that some lenders won’t even entertain their property ambitions – just because they are deemed as too old. Well, that’s not the case for us.
19 Mar 2019
Never mind the first-timers, what about last-timers?
The kids are revolting. Well, sometimes they are but these days they are mostly actively engaging in revolt rather than just being silent, misunderstood and slothful.
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