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11 Jun 2020
Young people must come first
Covid-19 has hit the over 65s hard. It has also cut the ground from under the feet of the under 25s in particular but also Generation Y. And we are all going to be poorer for a long time.
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08 Jun 2020
Is this the 'end of the beginning'? Part 2
We are emerging from this global crisis, of that there is no doubt. Economies around the world are beginning to take the padlocks off and opening the doors of business again.
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02 Jun 2020
Is this the 'end of the beginning'? Part 1
Churchills famous words resonate around us now. Our greatest leader was talking in 1942 of the hard-won victory in North Africa over massed German forces. Britain and its Commonwealth Allies had battled hard to show what Churchill argued was not the Beginning of the End of the Second World War but was the first sign that it could be won.
Tags: Finances
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