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30 Mar 2015
The week of the Jeremy
The last week of this Parliament has been quite remarkable.
27 Mar 2015
Can I use my pension to repay my mortgage?
In April 2014 the government introduced pension freedoms allowing people to access their savings in one – many people could use this cash to repay the mortgage.
26 Mar 2015
Should you invest your pension in buy-to-let?
Annuity rates are low, bonds are paying next to nothing – when thinking about retirement planning many are now looking at buy-to-let.
23 Mar 2015
Death and taxes......part two. says that UK taxpayers “are set to waste as much as £4.7 billion in tax inefficiencies this year”.
20 Mar 2015
Britain gets richer… how can you share in it?
As with every budget the Chancellor of the day faces some awkward questions over the arithmetic but for taxpayers there is much to welcome.
19 Mar 2015
Sorry, run that past me again?
Let’s face it, who hasn't heard some incomprehensible pseudo management speak and thought ‘what the hell does that mean while all around you nod sagely?
17 Mar 2015
How to help ensure your savings are safe from cyberhackers.
To those of a certain generation the menace emanating from Russia was enormous nuclear missiles assuring our destruction. Nowadays it is cyberhackers that threaten to take us back to the Stone Age.
16 Mar 2015
Leaky Budget could leave fertile ground for families’ savings.
The 2015 Budget has sprung more leaks than London’s water mains – trouble is, who do you believe, asks Steve McDowell.
13 Mar 2015
Keep Calm and Carry on Saving.
There is much excited chatter about as the FTSE100 index of top shares threatens to breach its ‘psychological’ barrier of 7000. I don’t understand it, quite frankly.
12 Mar 2015
There's lot of stuff in the media at the moment about all the pensions changes; and there is likely to be more after the budget.
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