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24 Nov 2017
There’s more to do Mr Chancellor
Most Budget speeches can give anyone a cold – to which Mr Hammond alluded as he reached for the cough sweets.
08 Mar 2017
Joke and Mirrors
It took the Leader of the Opposition – not famous for being a free marketeer – to point out there was nothing in the Chancellor’s much-awaited Budget for those ‘struggling to get on the housing ladder’.
07 Mar 2017
Please Mr Chancellor, ease up on Stamp Duty
In years gone by Budget Day was brightened up by a lively betting market on all sorts of predictions.
25 Nov 2016
Autumn Statement
Hammond provides the keys to £7.2bn.
16 Mar 2016
The Chancellor backs savers for homes and retirement
He said it four times, so we can only assume he meant it.
09 Jul 2015
A fine day to be “middle class”?
I wish I was still a gambling man. I might have put a few quid on how many times the Chancellor George Osborne used the word ‘family’ during his hour-plus-long Budget speech this week (Wednesday).
09 Apr 2015
What we can all learn from the Greek government.
20 Mar 2015
Britain gets richer… how can you share in it?
As with every budget the Chancellor of the day faces some awkward questions over the arithmetic but for taxpayers there is much to welcome.
16 Mar 2015
Leaky Budget could leave fertile ground for families’ savings.
The 2015 Budget has sprung more leaks than London’s water mains – trouble is, who do you believe, asks Steve McDowell.
09 Mar 2015
Death and taxes......part one.
We can’t avoid the first but we can mitigate the latter by careful financial planning and as the tax year ends, seek advice on how to cut your tax bill.
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