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22 Mar 2018
All this finger-pointing isn’t helping the first-time buyer
Announcing well-overdue planning reforms in England this week the Prime Minister acknowledged that young people were ‘angry’ about not being able to buy a home and were ‘right’ to be so.
24 Mar 2017
Spring is sprung, now for the new year (!?)
Let’s begin with a quiz question. Why does the financial year run from April to March and not throughout a calendar year, which would seem to be more sensible?
18 Nov 2016
Stamp Duty
Pressure on Stamp Duty could be good news for first-time buyers.
16 Sep 2016
There’s never a time to stop learning
A very famous British sportsman, unfairly famous for being intellectually clumsy, once answered a press conference question thus: “The day I stop learning is the day they are nailing the lid down on top of me.”
19 Aug 2016
How the base rate cut works for you
What the Bank giveth, the Bank taketh away...
11 Aug 2016
Interest rates
If I look back over the 30 years that I’ve been trying to help people make the most of their money, has anything much really changed for customers?
15 Apr 2016
Courage in the face of soaring house prices
Spare a thought this week for the courage and loyalty of Sergeant Gordon Robertson, CGC.
08 Jun 2015
One good reason to borrow when I’m old.
These days we live in a world of acronyms, of OMGs (Oh My God), SMSs (Short Message Service) and HKW’s (all right I made that last one up – Heaven Knows What).
03 Jun 2015
Banking turned on its head?
How many times have we heard that?
30 Apr 2015
Mortgage rates and fees: beware the overall cost
A mortgage rate war with lenders in a race to the bottom can be a dangerous thing if unwitting borrowers don’t look closely enough at the impact fees have on the overall cost of the loan.
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