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07 Mar 2017
Please Mr Chancellor, ease up on Stamp Duty
In years gone by Budget Day was brightened up by a lively betting market on all sorts of predictions.
16 Mar 2016
The Chancellor backs savers for homes and retirement
He said it four times, so we can only assume he meant it.
09 Feb 2016
How safe are my savings?
We’ve all read heart-breaking stories of savers losing their hard-won nest-eggs – because of fraud, or bad advice.
06 Oct 2015
Why saving for retirement shouldn’t be complicated – go figure
The pensions system is too complicated and must be simplified if people are to save, says PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC).
06 Aug 2015
Cobblers aren’t just for shoes.
The Family Building Society has always stood up for the use of Plain English in the conduct of its business.
23 Jul 2015
The glue that greases the wheels of progress.
30 Jun 2015
Who’d be an IFA?
“Daddy, when I grow up, I want to be an independent financial adviser….”
23 Jun 2015
What can we learn from the media?
Fascinating, this week, watching how the quality press has been reporting various behaviours around the immediate aftermath of the pensions liberalisation.
15 Jun 2015
Hate to say we told you so…
So, the Daily Mail has outlined some apparently serious current obstacles to the future of the much-vaunted pensions revolution – all of which seem to involve the financial services industry not wanting to give you back any of that cash it has so carefully invested for you.
11 Jun 2015
Pass the crystal ball.
When my wife’s grandfather decided to retire, he decided to spend some of his savings to stock his not so unsubstantial farmhouse cellar with what he calculated to be enough wine to see him through to quite literally, his wake.
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