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05 Feb 2016
Chinese New Year is for Family
If there are three themes at the centre of Chinese culture they are good fortune, happiness and family.
27 Nov 2015
Don’t let burglars ruin your Christmas
Six simple steps to keep safe
18 Nov 2015
Eight simple steps to keep your home safe from winter.
The winter is coming and the nights are drawing in and you can bet your last pound that at some stage there’s going to be a cold snap.
16 Nov 2015
Stormy Mondays: How to protect your house from bad weather
The clocks have gone back and this signals a time of potential storms – and bad weather and buildings insurance make poor bedfellows
12 Nov 2015
How to winter-proof your home
The weather is drawing in and the nights are getting longer. Perhaps we can look forward to the cosiness of being tucked up in a warm home.
06 Oct 2015
Why saving for retirement shouldn’t be complicated – go figure
The pensions system is too complicated and must be simplified if people are to save, says PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC).
24 Sep 2015
Lenders return to low-deposit mortgages
How, where and when should I think about a 5 per cent deposit?
06 Aug 2015
Cobblers aren’t just for shoes.
The Family Building Society has always stood up for the use of Plain English in the conduct of its business.
04 Aug 2015
Housing crisis
The Chancellor's plan to restrict the tax advantages enjoyed by buy-to-let landlords has led to stringent criticism from the property world.
30 Jul 2015
A Summer of suckers – don’t be fooled
There is going to be a plague of suckers this summer if we’re not careful.
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