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11 Jul 2016
Rent or buy? Buy or rent!?
If you are reading this it is probably because you are either a smug homeowner or a disgruntled renter desperate to buy a property.
01 Jul 2016
Calculate your way onto the housing ladder
24 Jun 2016
My first time - things to look for and ask when buying a house
I've started looking to buy my first home. It's exciting. However as a first time buyer no one really tells you what you should be looking for or asking when you go and look at properties.
24 Jun 2016
How to afford your step up the property ladder
Do you really know what you can afford when it comes to a mortgage? Our easy-to-use calculator will help you - in moments.
24 Sep 2015
Lenders return to low-deposit mortgages
How, where and when should I think about a 5 per cent deposit?
11 Jun 2015
Pass the crystal ball.
When my wife’s grandfather decided to retire, he decided to spend some of his savings to stock his not so unsubstantial farmhouse cellar with what he calculated to be enough wine to see him through to quite literally, his wake.
15 May 2015
What a shower!
Why is it that once we pass a certain age we are somehow seen as unable to make sensible, informed financial decisions?
30 Apr 2015
Mortgage rates and fees: beware the overall cost
A mortgage rate war with lenders in a race to the bottom can be a dangerous thing if unwitting borrowers don’t look closely enough at the impact fees have on the overall cost of the loan.
06 Apr 2015
Help to buy...right to buy
As the election looms ever closer and the political parties’ manifestos see the light of day, we can take a closer look at the pledges they have all made to solve the housing crisis that we are told we face.
06 Mar 2015
Helping hand for families and/or electoral bribe for middle-class homebuyers?
The Family Building Society welcomes a straight-forward new proposal to give first time buyers a hand.
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