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11 Feb 2016
The perfect family Valentine – A mortgage deposit
A Valentine is not just for lovers, it is also about love, reconciliation and about family.
24 Sep 2015
Lenders return to low-deposit mortgages
How, where and when should I think about a 5 per cent deposit?
04 Aug 2015
Housing crisis
The Chancellor's plan to restrict the tax advantages enjoyed by buy-to-let landlords has led to stringent criticism from the property world.
09 Jun 2015
Why do we need to build more houses?
A recent survey suggested that office building in central London has jumped by 24 per cent in just six months.
01 May 2015
State intervention, market forces and localism
Perhaps if one of the major political parties wins a majority next week we might get the political and legislative will to address the housing crisis.
24 Apr 2015
Never a better time to hide proper news
Hands up if you’d like to spend a day away from election news. Yes, I thought so.
17 Apr 2015
5 Ways Young Adults Can Manage Their Finances.
With a car stuffed full of bedding, cutlery and other essentials, my 19 year old son left home to set up home in his first rented property
06 Apr 2015
Help to buy...right to buy
As the election looms ever closer and the political parties’ manifestos see the light of day, we can take a closer look at the pledges they have all made to solve the housing crisis that we are told we face.
06 Mar 2015
Helping hand for families and/or electoral bribe for middle-class homebuyers?
The Family Building Society welcomes a straight-forward new proposal to give first time buyers a hand.
25 Feb 2015
Homes for the retired aren’t retirement homes
The current debate about the generation wealth gap may be missing the point.
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