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26 Jun 2015
Can I get a mortgage in retirement
My late grandmother Jane was a fearsome old bird.
09 Jun 2015
Why do we need to build more houses?
A recent survey suggested that office building in central London has jumped by 24 per cent in just six months.
02 Jun 2015
I don’t want to downsize: what are my options?
You don’t have to downsize the home you’ve lived in your whole adult life to free up cash to provide an income in retirement or help children gather a deposit to buy their first home.
24 Apr 2015
Never a better time to hide proper news
Hands up if you’d like to spend a day away from election news. Yes, I thought so.
20 Apr 2015
To the moron, block 104, row w, seat 144.
At the risk of being cast as Victor Meldrew, a charge often made by my family, I think that with this one, right is on my side.
08 Apr 2015
Right to buy?
This sounds like the start of an Oxbridge entrance interview question.
06 Apr 2015
Help to buy...right to buy
As the election looms ever closer and the political parties’ manifestos see the light of day, we can take a closer look at the pledges they have all made to solve the housing crisis that we are told we face.
02 Apr 2015
Got any ID sonny?
It used to be that in my student days and before I reached the age of 21, a Friday night would consist of an approach to a scary monosyllabic man mountain in a regulation black bow tie guarding the entrance to the bacchanalian delights of the local disco (yes I know, they don’t exist any more).
30 Mar 2015
The week of the Jeremy
The last week of this Parliament has been quite remarkable.
27 Mar 2015
Can I use my pension to repay my mortgage?
In April 2014 the government introduced pension freedoms allowing people to access their savings in one – many people could use this cash to repay the mortgage.
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