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24 Jun 2016
Dying without a Will is a taxman’s dream and a family’s nightmare
24 Jun 2016
My first time - things to look for and ask when buying a house
I've started looking to buy my first home. It's exciting. However as a first time buyer no one really tells you what you should be looking for or asking when you go and look at properties.
24 Jun 2016
How to afford your step up the property ladder
Do you really know what you can afford when it comes to a mortgage? Our easy-to-use calculator will help you - in moments.
15 Jun 2016
Euro 2016 – There’s more than one way to bring it home
Love it or hate it, it seems like football just never goes away
10 Jun 2016
Is the writing on the investment wall for Premium Bonds?
For decades, Premium Bonds have probably been the UK’s favourite savings product with 21m people holding more than £60bn in bonds. Now it's time for the Windfall Bond.
10 Jun 2016
Brexit 'phoney war' killing the housing market
Brexit is a ‘phoney war’ which is causing stultification in the housing market and flatlining business – there’s absolutely no need, says disgruntled journalist Steve McDowell.
Tags: Mortgage
27 May 2016
Bank Holiday Barbeque
Where there’s smoke; there’s an insurance claim.
25 May 2016
The Doomerang Generation
The much over-quoted late writer Mark Twain is noted for saying there are lies, damned lies and statistics.
23 May 2016
The Bank of Mum and Dad
The recent news that the “Bank of Mum & Dad” will in future be involved in a quarter of all property transactions has certainly grabbed the headlines.
20 May 2016
Leicester City's Windfall
Family Building Society adds its congratulations to Leicester City FC for its remarkable achievement in lifting the Premiership Trophy but if you want to see another Windfall come and see us.
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