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Leicester City's Windfall

Family Building Society adds its congratulations to Leicester City FC for its remarkable achievement in lifting the Premiership Trophy but if you want to see another Windfall come and see us.

The late writer and bon vivant Jeffrey Bernard famously observed that he fell in love with gambling as a child when first introduced to a racecourse by his father. His father pointed out that one could easily see how bookmakers made their money as there were four windows for placing bets and only one for paying out. As a nation we love a flutter from time to time and we all like to experience the schadenfreude of the bookmakers’ taking a nasty beating. They deserve it, we reason.

saving ImageSo these past few weeks, every objective sports fan in the country was a Leicester City fan not only because we love to watch an underdog beat the big boys but also because the bookmakers lost, by their own admission, £25m. There have been numerous feel-good reports of bookies paying out - including to one lucky Foxes fan holding his nerve to end and cashing out his £10 at average odds of about 3000/1. He used the money to put down a deposit on a house.

Good for him, but you really don’t have to take that much risk to enjoy a decent windfall. The Family Building Society’s Windfall Bond is a better investment. As well as paying interest at the Bank of England base rate, every bond of £10,000 is entered into a monthly prize draw which can win you one of ten prizes of £1,000, two of £10,000 and one of £50,000. And you can take out as many Windfall Bonds as you can afford. 

The breakdown of the draw ensures there are 13 opportunities to win each month – which equates to 156 in each calendar year.  That’s odds at 64/1 of winning in the course of the first 12 draws, but unlike a bookie, you can close your account and withdraw your money with just 35 days notice.

Each bond is £10,000, which may sound a lot but then again, perhaps you should ask Mr C of Milton Keynes how he feels to be the first Family Building Society £50,000 winner.

For more on the Family Building Society’s Windfall Bond on the website here:  or by talking to one of our highly trained and friendly advisers on 03300 379139.

Steve McDowell

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