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Beating the January blues

The Scots have a word for January so gloriously accurate it could be onomatopoeic: Dreech.

It means grey, drizzly, windy and cold - weather conditions not unknown to any native of Scotland – but more recently it has come to mean a state of mind for the post-Christmas blues.

January is rubbish. Let’s face it.

After the excitement, family happiness and gluttony of the festive season, there is an inevitable slump as we return to the more mundane routine of life. Except that, not only is it dark and raining outside, but we are broke from seasonal overspending and ages away from getting paid.

Today, Monday 16 January 2017, is referred to as a phenomenon called Blue Monday.

Far from the iconic New Order song of the early 1980s, this means the gloom that surrounds the Monday in the middle of the month where we are without funds and still a week from pay day.

And it’s still dreech.

The only thing we can do is think positively and look to the, inevitably, brighter future.

Rather than dip into your savings then, think about how you can rearrange them to perform better for yourself and your family.

The Family Building Society’s suite of products are designed exactly for this purpose.

You can think about our Family Mortgage to bring brightness to the new year for your younger family members desperate to buy their first home.

You could help a son, daughter, niece or nephew into their own home using a relatively small amount of your cash, or even equity from your own property. A five per cent deposit and a charge over your property for 20 per cent could get a first time buyer immediately into their own home, leaving the family cash intact.

We can also offer you and your family a leg-up with our Helping Hand Saver account which offers relatives a uniquely easy way of putting aside some money to invest for the future of the next generation.

And our unique Windfall Bond (a variable rate notice account) is based on the same principles of generating growth after a qualifying period by way of monthly prize draw but with odds of winning of 64/1 in the course of the first 12 draws.

The breakdown of the draw ensures there are 13 opportunities to win each month – which equates to 156 in each calendar year.

Each bond is £10,000 and the interest rate is linked to the Bank of England Bank Rate but the draw structure – 10 prizes of £1,000, two of £10,000 and one of £50,000 greatly enhances the chance of an, erm, windfall.

AND the bond currently pays the Bank of England Bank Rate of 0.25% anyway, even if you don’t win.

So how’s that for beating the winter blues?

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