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“ingenie has helped me become a better driver because I’m more cautious as to what I will get on my driving score. To get the biggest discounts on my insurance I need to be a better driver!” 

About Benjamin
Benjamin found ingenie in FirstCar, a magazine for young drivers who are either learning or newly passed. He’d also seen Gary Lineker, one of the ingenie ambassadors, tweeting about how black box insurance had helped his sons as new drivers.
Benjamin had his black box fitted while he was at school and by the time he got back it was installed and ready to connect to the ingenie app.

Night owl? No problem.
As someone who’s busy with school, work and socialising, Benjamin relies on his car and couldn’t fit his life around time or mileage restrictions. He said: “Some nights I’m out till 3am and I’m so thankful that ingenie doesn’t have night-time curfews – this was a major factor when choosing them for my insurance.”
ingenie isn’t about limiting young drivers – it’s about helping them explore their new-found freedom in a safe way. It’s also about preserving your sanity with the knowledge that your child has a big incentive to drive safely. 
Benjamin - Young Driver
Regular feedback and advice
Benjamin lets his parents access his driving score so they can see how he’s doing. With his permission, they get an email every time the score is updated, which is about every 10 days or so. Parent access isn’t for everyone, but Benjamin’s take an interest and praise him for good feedback, which is his biggest aim.

“I look at my feedback often to see if there are areas of my driving that need improving so that I’m getting the biggest discount I can possibly get.”

Getting visual feedback on how he’s driving has helped Benjamin work on problem areas that he might not have had enough practice with before passing his test.

“The description under each area of driving tells me how ingenie measures and assesses my driving. I noticed from the guidelines that if I go around corners too quickly I will not have enough control and consequently get bad feedback.”

We asked if he’d found the feedback easy to understand and he said: “The feedback messages are colour coded from red to light green so it’s easy to see what areas of my driving are good and which areas need improving. I can do this at a quick glance.”

Giving feedback through the ingenie app means it’s easy to check; in fact it’s second nature for most young smartphone users to run through their apps for new updates.

Good driving = good discounts

When we asked Benjamin if ingenie had helped him improve his driving, he said: “ingenie has made me a lot less reckless because I know if I drive badly my premium could go up!”

Reinforcing feedback and advice with a financial incentive works for our customers. We see lots of young drivers tweeting their driving score and discount – could driving safely finally be cool?

Benjamin certainly seems to think so. When we asked about his discounts, he said: “Thankfully I’ve had the maximum discount so far which is £164.07 in the first quarter and I’ve only been driving for 4 months.”

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