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At a difficult time, we want to be here to support you by providing access to experts who can help you through the probate and estate administration process. Dealing with paperwork and asset distribution may well be the last thing you feel like doing at a time of great distress.

Probate and Wills - how does it affect me?

When a person dies, someone has to deal with their affairs after their death. This is either an executor named in the Will or the next of kin if there’s no valid Will in place.

Executors are legally and financially responsible for identifying all assets, paying debts and correctly distributing the deceased’s estate.

This whole process is called ‘estate administration’ and part of the process may involve having to apply for a ‘Grant of Probate’ - a legal document from the Probate Registry to prove you have authority to deal with the estate. Probate isn’t always required.

How can the Family Building Society help?

We have partnered with specialist provider Kings Court Trust, who have many years' experience in dealing with the affairs of a relative in a sympathetic, knowledgeable and efficient way.

Estate administration can be a complicated and lengthy process. As a Family Building Society customer, you’re entitled to free advice on your next steps. Kings Court Trust’s dedicated team will talk you through your options and explain how to get started.

Download a copy of the Family Building Society Estate Administration leaflet.


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