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Interested in the Windfall Bond? We think it's a no brainer but don't just take our word for it, take a look at what some of our other customers have to say about it.


"The fact that the Windfall Bond pays interest, was one of the strongest arguments in it's favour."


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"The Windfall Bond is a great short-term investment. Even if I don't win, what am I going to lose? Absolutely nothing."


"The Windfall Bond receives some interest at the end of the year, whereas with the Premium Bonds you don't get anything unless you win."


"The Windfall Bond is somewhere to keep money safe, with the possibility of a win. Elsewhere, we weren't getting enough interest so it seemed a very good choice."


"I can earn interest and be in with a good chance of winning a large sum."


"It just goes to prove that the odds of a win are hugely better than Premium Bonds.”

What some of our previous winners say

Mr Thomas: "I was fed up with the poor returns on my savings available on the market. I read about the Windfall Bond and thought this would be a better deal than Premium Bonds. Every now and then we won a prize of £25 or so, but with the Windfall Bond I got a 100% return on my money in just over a year, so I am delighted!"

Dr David K: "The Windfall Bond is a very good idea. As soon as it became available I invested £50,000 on five bonds and then my wife took out another three. We noted the odds on winning the jackpot and thought the investment worthwhile. I was very surprised to win £1,000 so soon after taking out the bonds last July and winning the top prize now is wonderful news. This is a very good deal compared with Premium Bonds. Occasionally, my wife is sent a cheque for £25."

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