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We will notify winners of the Windfall Bond Monthly Free Draw within 10 working days of the draw taking place. We call all winners to congratulate them with the good news and we will also send a letter to them to confirm they have won. 

Dates for your diary

14 November 2019
13 December 2019
15 January 2020
14 February 2020
13 March 2020
16 April 2020
15 May 2020
12 June 2020
14 July 2020
14 August 2020
14 September 2020
14 October 2020
13 November 2020

Our Windfall Bond Monthly Free Draw is done on the 10th working day of every calendar month. 

Historic list of winners

October 2019

Mr Zahurul I – West Sussex Mrs Carole H – Hertfordshire
Mr Stephen R – Surrey Mr Stephen M – Essex
Mr Alan & Mrs Susan M – Bristol Ms Alison B & Mr David C – Surrey
Miss Patricia L – Sheffield Mr Peter H – Cambridge
Mr Edwin M – Dorset Mr Ritchie M – Berkshire

Mr William G – Coventry

Mr William H – Hertfordshire

 September 2019

Mr Anthony S - Somerset Mr Mostyn and Mrs Lesley J - Hertfordshire
Mr Austin F - Norfolk Mr Robert P - Exeter 
Mr Edward S - Surrey  Mrs Gail K - Rochdale
Mrs Suet L - Cheshire Ms Beverley B - Surrey 

 August 2019

Mr Neil J – Shropshire Mr John S – Chelmsford
Mrs Hilary D – Bournemouth Mrs Jagruti K – London
Mr Gary P – Swansea Mr Howard T – Maesteg
Mrs Helen L – Norfolk Mrs Gillian B – Lanarkshire
Miss Melanie H – London  

 July 2019

Mrs Vera H - Burton-in-Lonsdale Ms Lisa K – Crosby
Mrs Anne G - West Mersea Miss Jean B – Preston
Mr David G – Worcester Mr Colin C - West Glam
Mr Colin P – Surrey Mrs Yanina T – West Glam
Mrs Lisa D – Surrey

June 2019

Mrs Betty K - Luton
Mr Mark R - Surrey
Mr Alan L - Bromley
Mrs Judith E - Herefordshire
Mr Rory K - Canterbury
Mr Paul K - Merseyside
Mrs Sally E - Milton Keynes
Mr David P - Surrey

May 2019

Mr Peter B - Lancashire Mr Derek & Mrs Anne B - Surrey
Mrs Janice K - Cheshire Mr John C & Mrs Rui R - Devon
Mr Mazhar I - London Mr Bruce B - Bristol
Mr Peter L - West Sussex Mr Robert S - East Yorkshire
Mrs Lynda H - Derbyshire Mr Edward W - Newcastle upon Tyne

 April 2019

Miss Nicola W – Worcestershire Mr Aman U – Middlesex
Mr Gerard H – Flintshire Mr Alvan R – Devon
Miss Sally-Ann A – Surrey Mr Robert S – Somerset
Mrs Lorna M – Yorkshire  

March 2019

Mr Roy S - Hampshire Mr Michael C - Yorkshire
Mr Kay R - Hertfordshire Mr Michael R - Manchester
Mrs Celia & Mr Paul M - Surrey Dr Katherine B - Essex
Miss Marian L - Hampshire Mr Arthur F - London

February 2019

Mr Peter & Mrs Maura B – Gloucestershire 
Mrs Marjorie & Mr William H – Fife
Mrs T G – Berkshire
Mr Gareth E – Swansea
Mr William R – Inverness
Mr John D – Cambridgeshire

January 2019

Mr Timothy & Mrs Gabrielle B - Orkney Islands Mrs Wendy S - Shropshire
Mrs Mary & Mr Alan H - Ayrshire Mrs Rosemary H - Devon
Miss Kim S - London Miss Shirley I - Surrey

December 2018

Mrs Fiona S - Shropshire Ms Denise B - Lancashire
Mrs Joyce H - London  

November 2018

Mr David & Mrs Wendy R - Surrey Mr David & Mrs Patricia H - Surrey
Mr Robert L - Warwickshire Mr Dally H - London
Mr Christopher R - Devon

October 2018 

Mr Carl W - Warwickshire Dr Jane & Mr Selwyn W - Kent
Mrs Margaret D - London Mrs Lesley N - London
Mrs Margaret L - Devon Mr Rahul S - London
Mr Roger G - Devon  

September 2018

Mr John & Mrs Elizabeth T - Roxburghshire
Miss Louise G - Buckinghamshire
Mr Patrick T - Oxfordshire
Mr William H - Berkshire
Miss Ann B - Hampshire
Ms Julia M - Hampshire

August 2018

Mrs Roberta J - Cambridgeshire Mr Jonathan D - Buckinghamshire
Mrs Patricia & Mr Peter K - London Mrs Linda A - Cumbria
Mrs Janice K - Manchester Mrs Susan L - Hertfordshire
Ms Krystyna G - London Mrs Johanna L - Gloucestershire

 July 2018 

Mrs Penelope R - Devon Mr John R - Devon
Mr Nobel C – Surrey Mr Robert S – Somerset
Mr Timothy L - Dorset Mrs Myrtle R – Northamptonshire

June 2018

Mr Brian D - Lancashire Mrs Janet F - Hampshire
Mrs Kim & Mr Reginald J - Cheshire Mrs Judith & Mr Harold L - Suffolk
Miss Angela T - London Mr Laurence H - Surrey
Mrs Susan & Mr Peter H - Hampshire Mrs Fay & Mr Malcolm P - Buckinghamshire

 May 2018

Mr John R - Devon Mrs Barbara C - Norwich
Mrs Elizabeth H - Tonbridge Mr Tony H - Lancaster
Mrs Beatrice & Mr Michael R - Cornwall Mrs Marcinia D - Bromsgrove

April 2018

Mrs Jane & Mr David B - Surrey Mrs Patricia W - Cardiff
Ms Carolyn P & Ms Julie R - Derbyshire Mrs Judith L - Suffolk

March 2018 

Mrs Betty M - North Yorshire Mrs Margaret D - Kingston
Mrs Nicola  &  Mr Alistair M - Buckinghamshire Mrs Gail F - Manchester
Mrs Sally C  -  Nottingham Mrs Jane W - Conventry

February 2018

Mr David C - Norfolk Mr Paul W - Northamptonshire
Mr Alan and Mrs Shelia C - Leicestershire Mr Adrianus S - West Sussex
Mr Michael and Mrs Josephine Y - Devon Mrs Elisabeth Y - Wales

January 2018

Mr Nigel W - Birmingham Mr Ian M - Northamptonshire
Mr John M - London Mrs Karen W - Liverpool

2017 Winners


December 2017

Mr Philip and Mrs Jennifer S - Swindon Mrs Lesley N - London
Mrs Louise W - London Mr Kenneth G - Colchester
Dr Brenda H - Lancashire Mrs Teresa R - Nottingham
Mr Colin G - Kincardineshire Mr David C - Norwich

November 2017

Mrs Lois and Mr Stephen G - Blackpool Mr Charles and Mrs Susan P - London
Mr Mark K - Sheffield Ms Susan B - Redhill
Mr Brian B - Dorset Ms Debra C - Brighton

October 2017

Mr Selwyn and Dr Jane W - Kent Mrs Janet R - Buckinghamshire
Mrs Patricia A J - Devon  

September 2017

Mr Giles and Mrs Jody W - Bath Mrs Laurelle P E - Dunbar
Mr David C - Norwich Mr Thomas C - Carlisle
Mrs Linda J H - London  

August 2017

Miss Marion C - Edinburgh Mrs Evelyn H - Surrey
Mr John W - Glasgow Mr Kenneth H - Peterborough

July 2017

Mr Adrian W - Essex  

June 2017

Mrs Elizabeth S - Hampshire Mr Simon B - Hampshire 
Mr Fredrick T - Leicester Mr Charles P - London

May 2017

Mrs Christina T - Hampshire  Mr Alan E L - Buckinghamshire 
Mr Lyndall C - Dorset  

April 2017

Mrs Dorothy M - Cheshire Mr Paul S - Cumbria

March 2017

Mrs Anne E - Dorset Mr Sidney R - Hertfordshire
Mrs Karen and Miss Lauren N - Oxfordshire Ms Rosalind F - Surrey
Mr Simon S - Wiltshire Mr William and Mrs Andrea R - Essex 

February 2017

Mr Keith H - Surrey Mr John T - Dorset
Mr Barry G - North Yorkshire

January 2017

Mrs Ruth R - South Yorkshire Mrs Christine P - Surrey 
Mr Darren F and Mr Lee F - Cheshire  

 2016 Winners

December 2016

Mrs Barbara A - Devon  

November 2016

No Winners  

October 2016

Mr Chris B - Birmingham Captain Raymond M - Kent

September 2016

Mr Andrew P - Northamptonshire Mr Abiodun K - London
Mrs Jill G - South Devon  

August 2016

Mr David and Mrs Patricia W - Surrey Mrs Mary M - Tonbridge
Ms Helen M - Middlesex  

July 2016

Mrs Susan R - South Lanarkshire  

June 2016

Mrs Anne M - Belfast  

May 2016

No Winners  

April 2016

Mr David and Mrs Patricia W - Surrey  

March 2016

Mr David and Mrs Edie F - Kent Mrs Elizabeth C - London
Mrs Elizabeth S - Hampshire Mrs Helen K - East Midlands

February 2016

Mrs Mary N - East Sussex  

January 2016 (Regular prize draw):

Miss Anne S - Aberdeenshire Mr John C - Berkshire

January 2016 (Bonus prize draw):

Mr and Mrs Paul H - Dorset Dr David K - Northumberland
Mr and Mrs Stephen T - Bedfordshire  

2015 Winners

December 2015

Mr Nobel C - Surrey  

November 2015

No Winners  

October 2015

Mr Patrick C - Milton Keynes  

September 2015

No Winners  

August 2015

Mr Muhammad K - West Yorkshire Mr Sidney R - Hertfordshire
Mr John U - Northamptonshire  

July 2015

Dr David K - Northumberland  

June 2015

No Winners  

May 2015

Mrs Elizabeth S - Wiltshire  

April 2015

Mrs Shelia L - London  

March 2015

Mrs Audrey H - Essex Dr Ann W - Tyneside

February 2015

Mr Michael O - Worcestershire  

January 2015

Mr Kevin W - Middlesex  

So what are the chances of winning?

It goes without saying that there is no sure-fire way to guarantee investment success, but the Windfall Bond plays its role in giving you the opportunity to be rewarded for saving. The breakdown of prizes ensures that each bond has 13 opportunities to win a prize each month - 156 over the course of a year: the more you hold, the greater chances of winning. Of course, should you only hold one bond, your chance of landing a windfall will be reduced but, with odds at 64/1 of winning over a 12 month period, the opportunity to be named one of the lucky few is tantalising. 

How is the number of winners determined each month?

So that the odds of winning are constant and known in advance there are always 10,000 tickets in each monthly free prize draw.

Each eligible Windfall Bond is allocated a ticket in the monthly draw. Every month 13 ticket numbers are drawn at random by an independent third party and these are the winning tickets. Whilst we build up to 10,000 participating bonds there will be winning tickets which have not been allocated to a bond and the prizes for these are not awarded. 

This structure means that, unlike a raffle, the odds of winning stay the same and do not change based on the number of bonds participating. 

As the number of eligible bonds builds up the number of winners each month will increase. More detail on this can be found in the Free Draw Rules, rule 9 being the most relevant.

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