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What is a prepaid card and how does it work?

  • A prepaid card account works just like any other debit card account, except that there is no overdraft or credit facility. You can only spend what’s loaded onto the card account.
  • Once you’ve topped up your card account with money you can spend or withdraw funds using the card anywhere that the MasterCard mark is displayed.
  • You can also set up Direct Debits and transfer funds back off the card account via bank transfer if required.
  • No credit checks are required to open an account or to order additional cards
  • Order additional cards for your children (from aged 13), and then top up your child’s card as frequently as you want to, weekly if necessary, to help them manage their money as effectively as possible
  • You will have the same level of security as a Credit Card. Full fraud and purchase protection, as well as Chip and PIN secured personalised cards ensure that you’re protected at all times.

So, as you can see, it’s a great way to track and manage your children’s finances, as well as providing you with a secure budgeting tool for holidays or general household spend! Please note there’s a charge if your card remains non active for more than 120 days. 


Easy to use

  1. Load the account for free by bank transfer from another savings or current account and at over 13,000 locations across the UK, including the Post Office®
  2. Make purchases online, in store, over the phone, at home or abroad, wherever you see the MasterCard acceptance mark
  3. Use it like a bank account to pay regular bills with standing orders and Direct Debits – ideal if you want to have particular utility bills, such as a mobile phone, coming out of a separate pot from your main bank account


Easily the best prepaid card in the UK

The Cashplus prepaid MasterCard Account comes with a whole range of valuable benefits:

  • Order additional cards for friends and family
  • Free purchase protection on all card spend
  • Earn cashback rewards on any online spend
  • Accepted worldwide
  • Free Creditbuilder facility
  • Get bills paid online or automatically – via Direct Debit or Standing Order


Once you or your family have a Cashplus prepaid card with Total Access, you could add:

  • Creditbuilder – could help to build or improve your credit rating. This could lead to offers of credit in the future, and at better rates – this could be of real benefit if a few years down the line you or your family want to plan a major purchase or your child wants to buy their first home.  This is available from aged 18 for the account holder and there’s no additional charge.
  • Debit Protect – an emergency loan to stop a Direct Debit of up to £1,000 from bouncing if approved.  Please note there’s an additional charge for this.
  • Currency cards - these are a great way to save money on foreign exchange fees when you or your children are travelling overseas. Currency cards will link to your main account from where you can transfer money to them as and when required.  


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