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Helping families find a home for their savings, whatever the reason.

Saving money is even harder when the cost of living continues upwards while interest rates travel in the opposite direction. Sometimes it helps to have instant access and sometimes it doesn’t.

The same is true for children’s savings too. Helping them to get into the habit of squirreling away their birthday cash or a small part of their pocket money all helps to keep an eye on the bigger picture.
So if you and your family are looking to start saving or you’re shopping around you’ll find a wide choice of accounts right here.

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 Windfall Bond

Enjoy a safe home for your savings while also having the chance of a bigger return on your money. Each month qualifying bonds are entered into a monthly free draw for a chance to win up to £50,000.

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 Cashplus Card

We've partnered with APS to offer a secure way to make online, offline and day-to-day purchases. The Cash Plus card works like any other debit card account - except that you can only spend what's been pre-loaded onto the card account.

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  Flexible ISA

The Flexible ISA gives you a flexible way to save. If you want easy access to your savings, and the ability to withdraw and replace money without affecting your annual ISA subscription limit, then this could be the account for you.

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 Junior Saver

Help your children build up a pot of money for the future and teach them about the importance of saving. The Junior Saver offers an easy and flexible way to save regularly or make ad hoc deposits.

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Operating an account on behalf of someone else

Power of Attorney, Deputy Arrangements and Third Party Mandates are available on our accounts. For further information regarding these facilities, please refer to our FAQs page. You may also find it useful to look at the following guidance document, compiled by the Building Society Association, which explains how a person can manage a bank or building society account on another person’s behalf:

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If you require further assistance, please contact our Family Service Team on 03330 140144.




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