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21 Jul 2017
One important thing to do with your kids this Summer holiday
“I’m bored!” Ever heard that one before?
07 Apr 2017
Spring forward for the taxman
It’s normally a rather bossy command sent out to recalcitrant teenagers off to the Summer Ball. The phrase is ‘Know your limits’.
24 Mar 2017
Spring is sprung, now for the new year (!?)
Let’s begin with a quiz question. Why does the financial year run from April to March and not throughout a calendar year, which would seem to be more sensible?
08 Apr 2015
Right to buy?
This sounds like the start of an Oxbridge entrance interview question.
03 Apr 2015
Having fun with cold callers.
Cold-calling is a scourge and it’s only going to get worse –according to the Daily Mail.
30 Mar 2015
The week of the Jeremy
The last week of this Parliament has been quite remarkable.
23 Mar 2015
Death and taxes......part two. says that UK taxpayers “are set to waste as much as £4.7 billion in tax inefficiencies this year”.
20 Mar 2015
Britain gets richer… how can you share in it?
As with every budget the Chancellor of the day faces some awkward questions over the arithmetic but for taxpayers there is much to welcome.
05 Feb 2015
What is the point of saving?
Stop waiting around for savings rates to change, if you don’t want to do something adventurous with your cash – move it, says Steve McDowell.
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