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If your circumstances are more unusual, our personal approach to underwriting means that we may still be able to offer you the mortgage you want...

Joint mortgage sole owner (JMSO)

Our JMSO arrangement enables family members to support borrowers and adult children can support their parents with affordability on applications. As the name suggests there will only be one owner (one or two owners if adult children are assisting their parents) and the family member(s) joining in the mortgage in support of the owner will not be joint owners. In most cases the non -owning borrower’s net monthly income will firstly be established. This figure will then be added to the occupier’s income to confirm the total loan amount available. 

These mortgages must be reviewed by us before an application is submitted to ensure you are eligible.

Download our joint mortgage sole owner (JMSO) customer leaflet for more information.

Guarantor Mortgages

We provide guarantor mortgages which enable us to consider parents’ or family members’ income to help with affordability on applications. If the parent or family member already has a mortgage or other credit commitments, these will be taken into consideration when calculating the affordability. The guarantor must be able to prove that they can cover the guaranteed amount of the mortgage loan, as well as their own existing commitments. The mortgages are considered subject to full underwriting and meeting our lending criteria.

Second home

If your work requires you to live away from your main residence, a loan on a second home may be considered, subject to affordability. Interest-only loans are accepted on this basis.

Armed forces

Loans are available on an owner-occupier basis subject to certain conditions; applications will be assessed on an individual basis depending on circumstances.

We accept Forces Help to Buy (FHTB) as a source of funds for a deposit. For more information on FHTB, please visit the Forces Law website.

Flexibility to change occupancy status and subsequent product terms will be considered on request; this may be subject to standard fees and early repayment charges.

Holiday home

Mortgage applications on holiday homes are available, subject to affordability which must be calculated against the applicants earned income without inclusion of any rental that may be received from the property. Interest-only loans will be accepted on this basis. It is intended that these properties should be for the applicants use but where the property may be occupied on a holiday let basis when the applicants are not in occupation. Applicants with portfolios of Holiday Homes will not be permitted.

Holiday homes will not be accepted where there is a formal AST or where they can only be used as a holiday home due to restrictive covenants within the deeds. Maximum Loan to Value will be 70%.

Expatriate mortgage

Loans are available on a Buy to Let basis, subject to certain conditions. Additionally, we're able to lend to UK nationals working abroad, along with UK nationals and foreign nationals working in the UK but paid in a foreign currency, on an interest only Owner Occupier mortgage. This is subject to certain conditions. Please refer to our lending criteria for more information. For acceptable products and countries of residence please contact our dedicated New Business Team on 03330 140140 or email our New Business Team.

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