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24 Sep 2020
Learn, repeat and master.
I am teaching my daughter to drive. Or rather, I am trying not to shout and/or burst into tears at every junction, roundabout and parking space.
Tags: Finances
21 Jul 2020
We’re all going on a Sunak holiday
I was talking to a friend of mine over the weekend who gave an interesting (if unfortunate in her case) apocryphal story about the immediate affect of the Chancellor’s Stamp Duty holiday.
Tags: Finances
08 Jul 2020
Read what our CEO Mark Bogard believes the Chancellor should have talked about
The Family Building Society believes that the Covid-19 crisis allows the Treasury to develop further its leading role in radical economic policy-making.
Tags: Finances
11 Jun 2020
Young people must come first
Covid-19 has hit the over 65s hard. It has also cut the ground from under the feet of the under 25s in particular but also Generation Y. And we are all going to be poorer for a long time.
Tags: Finances
08 Jun 2020
Is this the 'end of the beginning'? Part 2
We are emerging from this global crisis, of that there is no doubt. Economies around the world are beginning to take the padlocks off and opening the doors of business again.
Tags: Finances
02 Jun 2020
Is this the 'end of the beginning'? Part 1
Churchills famous words resonate around us now. Our greatest leader was talking in 1942 of the hard-won victory in North Africa over massed German forces. Britain and its Commonwealth Allies had battled hard to show what Churchill argued was not the Beginning of the End of the Second World War but was the first sign that it could be won.
Tags: Finances
23 Apr 2020
Reasons to be cheerful 1, 2, 3…
So sang the late, great post-punk storyteller Ian Dury. He was himself a man who faced challenges. Though he never allowed his physical handicap – polio – or his cultural one, namely an inability to sing very well, to stop him from reaching pop superstardom.
Tags: Finances
16 Aug 2019
Gout and about
I have discovered, or rather been painfully reminded, this week there can be consequences for having too much fun. Namely, gout. Serves you right, I hear you say. But it is, painfully dull.
16 Aug 2019
Happy birthday to us – with the emphasis on happy
It used to be said by insurance salesmen of the old school, that the way to sell life assurance was to ‘scare ‘em to death’. So if the salesman was talking to a couple, he’d start talking to the woman. Often the man would interject fairly quickly. The salesman would say to the woman, “No, imagine that he’s dead”. The man would often just keep going. At this point the salesman would get out a small coffin and say, “No, you’re in there!”
15 Feb 2019
The Bank of Mum and Dad can be great, but beware the potholes
There is a tried and trusted phrase used widely by the military. It states: “The first casualty of any contact with the enemy - is the plan.”
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