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20 Feb 2015
Buy, Buy Spring
Though it’s hard to believe as we battle through gridlock caused by a light dusting of the wrong type of snow, spring really is just around the corner.
11 Feb 2015
Parental Advisory. The foulest new word in the English language – it might just help your children get on the housing ladder
“Homillionaires” sounds as ugly as it looks but it reflects a reality for many people in the South East. They own an asset worthy of a lottery win and yet they see their children facing a future of renting or “boomeranging” home.
06 Feb 2015
Over the last few years and with the changes made as part of the Mortgage Market Review underwriting of mortgages has become far less straightforward.
29 Jan 2015
What Is To Be Done ?
Every week we hear more depressing news and stats on the plight of first time buyers.
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