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Getting affordable cover for young people is a challenge which is why we have partnered with an innovative policy provider. 

Your child getting their first car is an exciting time for both of you, as hopefully you’ll no longer need to be the family taxi service! However, there are two concerns when your child goes on the road on their own for the first time:

  • Will they be safe?
  • How can we afford the insurance?

ingenie provides black box car insurance, helping young drivers get discounts on their car insurance based on how well they drive.
Safety is so important, that’s why ingenie rewards safe drivers with cheaper insurance. They fit a small black box in the car and then update the driver with regular feedback and a driving score out of 100 based on their speed, acceleration, braking and cornering.

The driver receives feedback every ten days or so and has their premium reviewed three times a year, keeping them engaged with how well they’re driving.

The higher the score, the bigger the discount – up to an extra 21% during their first year.*

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Why parents of 17 to 25 year olds choose ingenie
70% receive a good driving discount*. Three times a year, the driver’s policy is reviewed and a discount is applied if they’re driving well.

Renewal savings and building up a no claims discount
After a year with ingenie, on average, the cost of customers' insurance comes down by around 45% – that's an average of £700 cheaper.** The driver will also build up their own no claims discount which is valuable when getting car insurance in future.

Black box fitted in the car
They'll come out to you in the first two weeks to install the black box out of sight in the car, but don't worry – they’re still insured from day one.

No curfews
They focus on how someone drives, not when they drive – no night-time curfews.

Regular driving feedback
Drivers can download ingenie’s app or go online and receive feedback on how they're driving.

Free stolen car recovery
If the car is stolen, they can work directly with the police to locate it – most stolen cars have been located within two hours.

Save money by encouraging good driving
One in four 18 to 24 year olds crashes within two years of passing their driving test. By helping young drivers stay safe on the road, ingenie can reward them with discounts on their insurance. With regular feedback, useful advice and rewards for being safe, any driver can be a good driver.

* Premium increase could apply for poor driving
** Based on ingenie renewal data January – September 2015


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