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Mrs Ardley - case study 
Mrs Ardley was in hospital and decided, with the help of medical staff and her son David, that she would be unable to return home. David, her only child, took on the responsibility to help - but he lived 150 miles away with a demanding job and his own family commitments.  

David commented: ‘Living remotely from my mum made it extremely difficult to gather the local knowledge I needed and to make sure everything was managed properly. Thankfully, the advisers at Bridgefast did this extremely professionally, keeping me informed of progress and making sure I was ultimately in control.

‘They achieved a sale at 97% of the recommended asking price in less than four months from initial marketing which, given the property market at the time, we were delighted with.

‘What was equally valuable was all the time they spent arranging for my mum’s possessions to be dealt with – some were sold at auction, some went to the nursing home with mum, some given to family and the rest were cleared. It was all dealt with very sensitively and efficiently. I wouldn’t have known where to begin!’

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Elderly Couple

Mr and Mrs Kirk - case study 
Bridgefast also helped Mr and Mrs Kirk make a move into care. They provided detailed market appraisals of their home and auction estimates for their valuable items.

As part of the service, they also arranged and managed removals from Mr and Mrs Kirk’s home. They accompanied Mr Kirk on a visit to collect his safety deposit box and arranged for the couple’s clothes to be cleaned before the move. The process was managed from beginning to end - but the couple remained in complete control throughout.

‘James (our adviser) provided a superb service.’ said Mr Kirk. ‘I was most impressed. There were a great many issues and you certainly earned your fees. I know of no-one else who could have provided that level of service throughout. Marvellous.’

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