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Saving tax-free for a child is a no brainer especially over the long term. BUT, and it's a big one, only if the interest rate actually makes the tax break worthwhile. With our Cash Junior ISA, the interest rate is tiered so the more you save, the better the return.

The Cash Junior ISA key features are:

  • Apply for an account by post or at our Epsom branch

  • Account can be opened by transfer from an existing Junior ISA

  • Save up to the annual statutory Junior ISA limit of £4,260 for the current tax year

  • Tax-free variable interest earned from the day we receive your investment (subject to identification requirements being met)

  • Variable tiered interest rate to reward those who save more

  • Interest paid annually on 30 September and added to the account

  • Add to your savings* by transfer from your bank account, by cheque and by transfer from another account with us

  • Withdrawals or closure not available until the account holder reaches age 18

  • Transfer to another Junior ISA is allowed after a 45 day notice period

* To send additional savings directly from your bank account the banking details you’ll need can be found on the back of your new account Certificate.

The information provided is a summary of the key features of the account and is not intended to be a substitute for reading the Product Features leaflet and General Conditions for our Savings Accounts booklet.

Summary box

Account name


What is the interest rate?

Rate effective from 11 September 2018
Tax-free 1 AER 2 
£3,000+ 2.75%
£1,000+ 2.50%
£1+ 2.00%
  • Interest rates are dependent on balance amount
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid annually on 30 September

Can the Family Building Society change the interest rate?

Yes, the interest rate is variable and may be changed. Please refer to Section 14 of the General Conditions for our Savings Accounts booklet for more information on when we may make changes to the interest rate and how this will be communicated.

What would the estimated balance be after 12 months?

Opening balance Projected balance (Gross) 
£3,000  £3,082.50
£1,000 £1,025.00
  • These projections assume that the account is opened with the stated amount with no additions or withdrawals made. Projected balance is at the end of 12 months
  • All projections are provided for illustrative purposes only and do not take into account individual circumstances
  • Actual interest may depend on the date the account is opened and the date that interest is paid

How do I open and manage my account?

  • The Junior ISA can be applied for by post or at our Epsom branch
  • The account is opened and operated on behalf of a child by a person with parental responsibility. Children who are 16 or 17 years old may open and operate a Cash Junior ISA on their own behalf
  • Account can be opened with a transfer from an existing Junior ISA (please note Child Trust Funds cannot be transferred into this account)
  • A minimum of £1 must be deposited
  • Additions are allowed but not required on a regular basis
  • Additions to the account can be made by transfer from your bank account, by cheque or by transfer from an existing savings account with us
  • An annual statutory limit of £4,260 can be deposited, plus transfers of previous tax years' subscriptions
  • Instructions for the account can be made by phone, by post and at our Epsom branch

Can I withdraw money?

  • Withdrawals are not permitted and the account cannot be closed until the account holder reaches age 18. Please see the ‘Taking money out’ section of the Product Features leaflet for full information
  • Transfer to another ISA provider is allowed after 45 days’ notice

Additional information

TAX STATUS: Tax-free (the future tax treatment of Individual Savings Accounts may vary). Interest is paid annually on 30 September and available the following day.

This product is not a flexible ISA. Transfers in of flexible ISAs are allowed, however you will lose the flexibility of being able to replace withdrawn funds.

This issue may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice.

There is no tax to pay on the interest from our Junior ISA account, however the future tax treatment of Individual Savings Accounts may vary. If you want further details on any potential tax implications for your children’s savings, please visit the 
HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) website.

The tax year runs from 6 April to 5 April each year.

Interest is paid tax-free as it is currently exempt from income tax. The future tax treatment of Individual Savings Accounts may vary. 

2 AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the annual rate would be if interest was compounded.

All financial information correct on 11 September 2018.

How to apply – Transfer of an existing Junior Cash ISA only

You can apply to transfer an existing Junior Cash ISA to a new Junior Cash ISA Account in the following ways:

  • By post: Download an application pack
  • By visiting our Epsom branch, which can be found in Ashley Square, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 5DD
  • Request an application pack over the phone: Call us on 03330 140141

 To transfer your existing Junior Cash ISA to the Family Building Society, you will need to complete and send us both a Junior Cash ISA Application Form (click on “Download an Application pack” above right) AND a Junior Cash ISA Transfer Authority Form. We will then notify your current ISA provider so that the transfer can begin in line with their terms and conditions. The process can take up to 15 working days from receipt of an application form and transfer request form to the new account being opened.  It varies depending on the speed with which your existing ISA manager responds to our request.

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