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On 11 September 2018 we launched a new, improved Online Service to replace the previous system you used to view your mortgage and savings accounts online.

What you need to do

You can also download this handy guide which provides useful information on how to register for the service and to operate your account online.

If you previously registered for the old Online Service and now want to re-register for the new Online Service

This is a brand new system that, as part of its new enhanced features, requires you to provide a new password and a memorable word.

We’re really sorry you have to do this as we know you have better things to do.





Step 1

Following the on-screen instructions, enter this information about you:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Postal address
  • Email address

Once this is done you'll be sent two emails, one with your new username and the second with instructions on how to set up your password and memorable word.

Step 2

Use the link we have emailed to you to set up your password and memorable word.

Once this is done we'll send you your verification code in the post. This will take three to five working days to arrive.

Step 3 - once you've received your verification code

Visit our website and click on 'Login' at the top right hand corner of the screen.

Enter your new username, password and three characters from your memorable word to login.

Click the on-screen link to enter your verification code exactly as shown in your letter.

Important: the verification code is a further security measure and is the final stage in the re-registration process. Until you have received and entered your verification code you will not be able to see details of your existing account(s) or make a withdrawal. If you need to make a withdrawal before your verification code arrives in the post, call 03300 243406 and we will be happy to help.

That's it. Re-registration completed.

If you need any help along the way, call us on 03300 243406.

We've also changed our Online Service agreement. You can view the new Online Service Terms & Conditions here.  

If you've already registered and now want to login to the new Online Service







If you didn't register for the previous Online Service and would now like to access your accounts online

If you're already an existing customer and would now like to access your accounts online, simply follow the registration instructions above.

Of course, if you do not manage your accounts online or do not have access to the internet, our Family Service Team are always very happy to answer your queries or send you whatever information you need in the post.

If you’re a brand new customer applying for a new account

Simply click the 'Apply online' button on the webpage for the savings account you'd like to apply for and follow the instructions.


What’s different about the new Online Service?

One of the biggest benefits of the new Online Service is the ability to apply for a new savings account without having to print the application and post into us before the account is opened. The new Service makes savings applications 100% online, removing the requirement to print anything before your account can be opened. In addition, if you’re acting as a Power of Attorney on any savings accounts with us, you can now operate these accounts online. Reacting to member feedback, we have also made the system better able to deal with requests for reactivation should you inadvertently lock yourself out of your account. Providing additional memorable information as part of the re-registration process will allow you to reset your login details without having to wait for a reactivation code to be posted to you, as is the current process.
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